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Straide Church – Christmas 2013

A BIG THANK YOU – to all who helped make the Christmas Liturgies so very dignified and elevating and to all who help out throughout the entire year and give of their time, energy, expertise and enthusiasm in helping to run our parish.
Without your help and support it would not be possible to have the vibrant parish community we are so proud to have here in Straide.
Thanks to the Altar Servers, the Altar Society, the Choirs, the Cleaners, the Collectors, the Counters, the Finance Council, the Grounds men, the Ministers of the Eucharist, the Musicians, the Pastoral Council, the Readers, those who pray the Prayers of the Faithful, the Safeguarding Children personnel, the staff of the Primary School, those who donate flowers, those who decorated inside & outside of the Church for Christmas (especially the flowers, the lights & the trees), those who made, donated and erected the two cribs (one inside and one outside the Church), those who clean the brass, the silverware & altar linen in the Church and all those others who help quietly behind the scenes and whose good deeds are known only to God alone.

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Mystery Visitor Christmas Morning 2013

On Christmas morning, after the 11.00am Mass a Mystery Visitor called, as promised, to Straide Church. It was a very special occasion for all the children of the parish as it was the very last stop this Mystery Visitor made before he returned to the North Pole for another year. All the young (and not so young) parishioners enjoyed his visit thoroughly. We look forward to welcoming him back again next year.

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