Listing of Grave Headstones in Straide Cemeteries

Surveying, mapping and transcribing of all headstone inscriptions in the various cemeteries of Straide parish was undertaken and completed in 1993 by Fas trainees working for The Family History Research Centre at Enniscoe.

An index of this work, which has the map location and inscriptions of all legible headstones, exists at the parish office. A copy can also be consulted at the Family History Research Centre at Enniscoe.

More recently, in 2013, a similar survey of Straide parish graveyards was conducted by a group dedicated to researching ancestry in north Mayo – called Family History in North County Mayo. This group’s website is The information supplied on all the headstones is available by way of a digital photographs of each.

Every effort has been made to have the photograph sufficiently clear to read the headstone inscriptions. However, for some of the older headstones, it may be necessary to visit the actual grave to read and discern the inscription clearly.

The five separate cemeteries of the parish are identified as:

Please note that some graves whose headstone inscriptions can not be read, or whose headstones are missing, are not included / listed.