Townlands of Straide Parish

The parish of Straide has 37 townlands as listed below. The names have been anglicised over the years and, in many cases, bear no resemblance to the original Gaelic names. Regrettably, many of these townlands no longer have any residents.

In most cases, the generally accepted spelling of townland names comes from the Ordnance Survey maps.

Much work has gone into deciphering the original Gaelic names and their meanings. Some anglicised names are easy to translate while others have been changed almost beyond recognition and, thus, difficult (if not impossible) to decode.

The following are generally accepted translations of townlands with the same (or similar) names found throughout Ireland. In most (but not all) cases they fit the Straide townland name profile.

Map of Parish
Townland Irish Name Translation
Aghalusky Acha Loisce the field of the burning
Aughaward Achadh an Bhaird the field of the bard
Ballinacuila Baile na Coille the townland of the wood
Ballylahan Baile Átha Leathain the town of the wide ford
Blackfort An Lios Dubh the black fort
Blanemore An Bhléan Mhór the big milking
Bohergloss An Bóthar Glas the green road
Carracastle Ceathrú an Chaisil the quarterland of the stone ring fort
Cloonconra Cluain Conradh the meadow of the contract
Cloonconlon Cluain Conlainn the meadow of Conlon
Coolkeevaune Cúil Caomh Abhainn the turn in the calm river
Crillane Croithleán the quaking bog
Derra Doire the oak wood
Derrinea Doire an Fhia the woodland of the deer
Derrinogue Doire Ȯg the young woodland
Doogera Dubh cora the black weir
Fencefield An Gort Falaithe the hedged field
Gurraunard An Garrán Ard the high grove
Gurteen An Goirtín An Goirtín the small garden
Knockafall Cnoca Fál the hedged hill
Knockagarraun Cnoc a Ghiorráin the hill of the horse
Knocknakillew Cnoc na Coilleadh the hill of the wood
Knocksaxon Cnoc Sacson the hill of the Saxons
Knockshanbally Cnoc an tSeanbhaile the hill of the old homestead
Longfield An Cnoc Fada the long hill
Loughill Leath choill the half woods
Oughtoose Ochtú the eighth
Pullagh Poll ach the broad expanse of shallow water
Rathrushel Ráth Ruiséil the ring fort of Russel
Redhill An Cnoc Rua the red hill
Springhill Cnoc an Tobair the hill of the spring
Straide An tSráid the street
Tawnagh Beg An Tamhnach Beag the small arable field
Tavnagh An Tamhnach the arable field
Ummoon Iomún / Uim Abhainn the harness (crossing) of the river